Youth Tournament Cristiano Ronaldo Campus Futebol

Dive into an unparalleled soccer experience, blending elite training, friendly matches and exclusive access.

Enhancing the Soccer Experience for Young Players

It represents more than competitive matches.
Enjoy a stunning Scenario as we aim to provide everlasting experiences.

We invite all footballers to take step on a stage where they can show case their abilities and play against the finest from around the world.

23/24 confirmation: CD Nacional (PT), Sporting CP (PT), FC Porto (PT), CS Marítimo (PT), Portsmouth FC (UK), Juventus FC (ITA), TGB Tecklenburg (GER), Hogaborgs BK (SWE), Starlets SEA (SA), Kosmos FC (USA), Bergen Select (USA) and many others

MSSA Pre-Tournament Program

A soccer journey that will immerse players in the world of pro-soccer through expert-led sessions and personalized tournament preparation.

Expert-Led Morning Training Sessions

Kickstart your day with personalized morning training sessions led by UEFA A and B coaches. Warm up your technical and tactical skills for optimal performance.

Friendly Matches against Professional Youth Clubs

Scheduled friendly matches against professional youth clubs. Test your skills against top opponents, refining abilities before the tournament.

Exclusive Stadium Experience

Enjoy privileged entry to the training fields and discover the nearby stadium.
Immerse yourself in the legendary ambiance where Cristiano Ronaldo made his ascent.

Customized Training Kit and Premium Accommodation

Equip yourself for success with a customized training kit featuring top-notch gear. Experience exceptional accommodation and private bus transportation for maximum comfort and optimal performance during your stay.

Full board regime

Breakfast, lunch and dinner included.
Make sure that you boost your performance.

Benchmark against others

Assess your abilities, pinpoint weak areas and establish goals for development.
This evaluation process serves as a valuable resource for personal development.

Intense Competition Among Elite Clubs

Join top teams such as Sporting CP, SL Benfica, FC Porto, Manchester United, CS Marítimo, CD Nacional, Borussia Dortmund, Aston Villa, Burnley, and Juventus in intense competition. Gauge your abilities alongside some of the world’s best youth groups.

High Level Matches

The Cristiano Ronaldo Youth Tournament’s Soccer Program serves as an opportunity to travel and to play against high end clubs.
An exceptional global soccer community for an exceptional journey.