Professional Team Get Away

1-3 weeks with practice and friendly matches with your team

Play against Pro and Semi-Pro Portuguese teams

Program designed for Professional Teams

Upgrade Your Season Preparation

A fully professional environment designed to provide high standards, using high-end facilities for accommodation, practice and friendly matches. 

Navigate the pre season challenges and winter breaks with precision.

Key Features

High-End Facilities

Professional Teams
UEFA Approved Stadiums
Gold Standard Stadiums by the Portuguese Federation
Altitude training options at 0m, 500m, and 1000m above sea level for a strategic edge.

Customized Programs

Collaborate with us and our with partners to design a program, blending work, business, and leisure.
UEFA A and B certified staff to assist in structuring and implementing your training

Beyond the Field

4 and 5-star hotels for comfort and recovery.
Award-winning facilities and renowned staff for an enhanced experience.
Customizable programs incorporating activities like Golf, Tennis, Swimming, GoKart, and more using international certified facilities.

#ProGetAway – You Against Our Partners

Extra Activities with Professional Staff

Paintball for team spirit
Go-Karting for an adrenaline boost
Golf and sports fishing for relaxation
Scuba-diving followed by a spa session for rejuvenation.

Add the Best of Portugal to Your Experience

Customize your program to include the best touristic activities that our country has to offer.

Standard Deal Includes:

Accommodation: Double room in 4-5 star hotels.

Nutritional Program: Full board regime fully customized.

Transportation: Private bus for and Professional Driver throughout the week.

High End Facilities: Gold Standard Fields, Gyms, Swimming Pools, Recovery, Showrooms, Meeting Rooms and much more.

Cultural Visit: Touristic activities and walks in historical cities.

Friendly Matches: Organized against professional teams from the 1st 2nd and 3rd League

Take your season preparations to an unprecedented level with the top-notch Professional Team Get Away initiative. Reach for greatness with #GetAway!