Programs designed to help you to unlock your potential, to live your passion and to experience the feel of belonging to a professional team.

Direct Program

Experience a new level of excellence with our exclusive Direct Program. Blend in Semi-Professional and Professional Teams, feel the intensity, share the mentality and bench mark yourself against European Soccer Players.

My Team Get Away

Live the experience, feel like a Pro, get scouted by the professionals or prepare your season. Enhance your football adventure with the personalized My Team #GetAway Program, designed specifically for athletes and agents. Break the routine, collaborate with UEFA A and B certified coaches and modify your program according to individual needs.

World Wide Technical Trial

A worldwide platform to stand out. #WWTTs are held in Portugal to provide an exhaustive chance for showcase. 

Come for the scouting, come for the clinics, join us for the show.

Professional Team Get Away

Upgrade your team’s performance with our Professional Team Getaway. Experience the professional standard. 

Benefit from high end facilities with full board benefits along with personalized transportation. Our services are fully customized and designed to provide the best pre-season / season break that you are looking for.

Youth Academy Lab

The Youth Academy Lab Program on Madeira Island is the key to enhancing your football journey. Created specifically for determined players, this yearly program offers extensive training that improves skills tremendously. You’ll collaborate with our coaches while participating in matches throughout the year and improving prospects of being drafted. Establish important professional relationships as well as attend trial events and form partnerships that can lead to a breakthrough in your career path.

Cristiano Ronaldo Youth Tournament

Experience the highest level at the Cristiano Ronaldo Youth Tournament in Madeira. 

Get ready through our pre-tournament program with morning training sessions and friendly games against elite clubs in the afternoons. 

Immerse yourself in Ronaldo’s environment with an all inclusive package, while competing against exceptional teams.

This exclusive tournament is where victory begins!