The perfect program for who’s looking for an opportunity to live the experience of belonging to a professional environment

We run this program in context, directly inside the clubs and directly with the teams

Welcome to the Direct Program

Your Way In to Soccer Excellence!

Experience a life-changing adventure through the Direct Program.
An Elite idea, thoughtfully designed for passionate soccer players between 10 and 24 years old.
The Program takes you on an incredible journey while providing a roadmap to achievement like no other.

What we have reserved for you...

1ª Liga & 2ª Liga 


  Immerse Yourself: Join a two week program inside top class clubs.
  Experience to live: Get scouted, prepare your season, get ready for the “college draft”. Practice with the future stars.

2ª Liga, 3ª Liga and  4th Division “Campeonato de Portugal”

(Players over 23)

  Give a chance to your goals: Feel the intensity of adult soccer.
  Structured Environment: Experience a structured and professional environment for an optimal start. You never felt something like it before.


Exclusive Program Benefits

  Two Immersive Weeks of Direct Training: Directly with the team.

  Dynamic Training Sessions: Take part in dynamic training sessions to refine your skills and to benchmark against Portuguese players.

  High-Visibility Friendly Match: Showcase your abilities and tactical understanding in a high-visibility friendly match.

  Comfortable Accommodation: Enjoy 14 nights of comfortable accommodation, fostering peak performance.

  Meals: You join our program and we provided lunch and dinner throughout your stay.

  Sport Specialized analysis: 
At the end of your program get your report to optimize your athletic performance.

  Stress-Free Transfers:
Pick-up and airport transfers are secured by our staff.

  Dedicated Transport:
Benefit from dedicated transport to and from practice sessions.  

Get your taste of professional football. We run the Program and you join the Teams Directly. The Program combines intense training, exposure to professional environments and chances to leave an enduring impact on the teams. Jump on board! Test and improve your GAME!