Youth Academy Lab

For players that want to rise

Living in the outstanding Madeira Island and working directly with Professional Coaches and Partners

Youth Lab Academy Program

Enhance your Educational Journey and Elevate your Soccer Skills.

The Youth Lab Academy Program serves as a path to greatness for young players who dream of reaching the apex of their football abilities. Situated on the breathtaking Madeira Island, this yearly coaching initiative provides all-encompassing training opportunities and state-of-the-art facilities that are unparalleled in developing technical, tactical and physical aptitudes.

Program Overview

Academic Emphasis

Portuguese Language Course at the University of Madeira in the mornings.
Develop linguistic skills to enhance communication and engagement during training sessions.

Soccer Development

Training sessions in the afternoons conducted by UEFA licensed coaches.
Year-round friendly matches to showcase skills and attract scouting opportunities.

Scouting Opportunities

Direct collaboration with professional teams for player development.
Trial event at the end of the season for clubs to select players for the next pre-season.

How It Works

In the Field

Establish professional and semi-professional deals with our partners.
Year-round training and improvement in top-notch facilities.
Friendly matches against partner clubs to enhance visibility.

Scouting Opportunities

End-of-season trial event for potential international career opportunities.
Life-changing prospects based on individual performance.

Player Support

Personalized training and school programs managed during the stay.
Coordination of friendly matches with local teams for increased exposure.

Outside the Field Deals

Educational Component

Attend a Portuguese Language Course at the University of Madeira for linguistic improvement.

Year-Round Support

Accommodation for the entire program duration.
Transport pass for mobility.
Comprehensive medical exam for player well-being.
Fully customized training kit for the season.
Health insurance coverage.
Visa process guidance for smooth logistics.

The Youth Academy Lab program spans over 9 months and requires significant commitment. However, we at the academy are dedicated to providing comprehensive assistance for both your footballing pursuits as well as academic endeavors. Enrich all facets of your life with our holistic approach through the Youth Lab Academy Program. Elevate yourself on sporting ground, cultivate linguistic prowess, and expand horizons beyond just what's within reach in soccer circles. Choose us today for a truly transformative encounter!



The nine months #YAL program starts in the beginning of September.

The earlier arrivals are in September 1st joining a program that will go untill June 8th. During the year we keep on welcoming players on our programs that will be in for shorter periods.

The program goes for 9 months.

The players that come for the first time to Portugal will learn Portuguese Language at the University of Madeira.

Those that already speak Portuguese fluently will be able to apply for a degree at the same university.

For 9 months the athletes will have studies in the morning and practice sessions in the afternoon. The football training program will develop according to the specific plan of each athlete. The group will have afternoon training sessions and friendly matches to show frequently their skills to our partners.

You training kit will be composed by:

4 t-shirts and 4 shorts for practice; 1 Match shirt; 2 Training track suits; 1 Match suit; 1 Bag; 1 Polo shirt for social events with the company; 1 Rain jacket; 1Winter Kit (hat and gloves); 1 micro fiber Towel.

The program has 3 middle stops during the year for Christmas Holidays, Carnival and Easter.

We are welcoming players from 16 up to 21 years old.

The program is developed in English. The exception is when a Player is selected to one of our partners where the training sessions are in Portuguese.

The MSA provides help during the application form, takes care of the registration at the university and the accommodation. Some players will need also assistance for the visa process and can count on the MSA staff.

The training sessions and programs are designed by our Professional Staff that includes UEFA A and B Licensed coaches. We selected coaches that understand the modern football, that include ball as much as possible, that give space for our players creativity and that promote understanding of the game. During the program and training sessions our players are called to make decisions in every action, all the time. High Intensity for Higher Goals.